We can help with the problem you can’t share with anybody else

“If you have a secret mission, you have reached the right destination” we know, what you want to know, and we reveal what is hidden! Welcome to “Cosmopolitan Detective Services”
We dare to chase the truth with vigor and honest. It’s this professional commitment that makes our investigations full proof and zero error.

If you face any such investigative need, “Cosmopolitan Detective Services,” are always at your service. 


Our Guarantee

  • Cosmopolitan Detective Services help you screen and verify the credential checks of individuals. Your personal life is also at stake, when you are on threshold of taking important decisions of life. Matrimony is vital in this area. Pre and post marriage investigation can save from serious problems.
  • Our investigative and detective agency is a secret friend for you and a well wisher who can bring the truth to you by our commitment professional and experienced network of investigators and detectives. Cosmopolitan Detective Services network operates 24/7.
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