About Us

Ours is an investigative and detective agency constantly in the pursuit of truth and verification. Our company principles are a perfect blend of traditional school values and modern hi-tech procedures.
“Nothing can escape from our detective’s eyes”. They see truth and only truth.

Our detectives and verifiers accept toughest challenges and achieve targeted results. They are constantly updated on changing techniques and complex situations. “They are masters in pursuit of knowledge always”.

There is a team of veteran and talented experts to guide the on field detectives and verifiers.
We take care of all types of private investigations, such as, commercial civil, insurance, pre and post employment screening for corporate, financial inquiries, pre and post matrimonial investigations, divorce cases, shadowing recovery of assets for banks and private financiers under certifications of assets Acts.

Professional Private Detectives in Cases of Personal Investigation A lot of people are living by themselves so there is no chance of any family members having personal information about the person. The detective services are hired to find personal as well professional information of the person. Families are no longer looking for brides or groom in the immediate families due to increase in exposure to outside world. Parents are hiring the private detective to find information about the groom / bride. There have been cases when the real information has been found and traced and many marriage offers have been turned off. Using detective services is really a boon when in any type of doubts whether personal or professional related.

Personal Investigation Detective for Surveillance, Detective for Teenage Monitoring, Detectives for Family Court Case, Detective for Civil Crime Cases,

Child Custody and Maintenance, Investigation on Cheating Partners, Pre-Post Matrimonial Investigations, Detectives for Missing Person, Detective for Dating Scams.

We help you overcome your fears and live peacefully with your partner and do business without any complications running in your head. Make use of our professional detective services and get started for amazing future ahead. Our nominal rates attract many customers from all genres of life, we are authenticated and your identity remains confidential. People are traveling far and wide for business, it is important to get background check of the people and the businesses or companies you are dealing with. Get the best and reliable services with us today at very reasonable rates. Enjoy the Mumbai life and settle with the partner of your dream with a legitimate investigation and without being tagged as a Stalker.

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