Employees of any business establishment or office can prove to bean asset if their credentials are right. If there is any dark spot in their personal or professional, character, they can prove dangerous to your office.

Our agency takes care of complete screening of the employees.
The pre-employment screening is necessary for all business entities to measure that the persons employed are genuine as started. Pre employment verification saves all business entities from the danger of financial fraud and criminal activity.

Our verification procedure consists of address verification, Scrutiny of past experiences, police record, back ground check.

Scanning of the Certificates (2)

Differing from case to case, we bring the verified and correct information to you.

Post –employment verification is carried out once the person has already been employed in the office.

Error in hiring an employee can cause your company a great amount of loss. However it can be rectified by using our post employment verification services.

Any kind of shady behavior of the employee can be an alarm for you to check his credentials our investigative team helps you to screen test manpower at your business-establishment.

This sets your worry, free as an employer. Post, employment verification includes, loss of valuables, data base, confidential proprietary information, threats, vegenceful acts etc.

As rightly said, “Prevention is better than cure” our investigative and detective network saves you and your business establishments from potential financial crimes.

We would be pleased to offer you our service at very competitive rates. Our professional investigative network has access to potential database through which we scan and verify the individuals. Our services are confidential and accessible to you 24/7.

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