We can help with the problem you can’t share with anybody else

“If you have a secret mission, you have reached the right destination” we know, what you want to know, and we reveal what is hidden! Welcome to “Cosmopolitan Detective Services”
We dare to chase the truth with vigor and honest. It’s this professional commitment that makes our investigations full proof and zero error.

If you face any such investigative need, “Cosmopolitan Detective Services,” are always at your service. 

Cosmopolitian Detective agency Providing a wide range of detective services, All Investigation is one of the trusted agencies in the city.Your life may be full of Byzantines but we will make it simple though our truthful investigation. We all have the right to know the truth about something that impinges us.

We can reveal the facts and protect the evidence allowing you to make an informed decision.As a responsible agency we provide truthful exhibits by the different types of proofs such as videos, audios, documents and much more. We render our services to our clients with highest confidentiality.We have rare breed of specialist working for our clients day and night. We can supply effectual solutions to almost any problem or requisite. We work until your suspicion gets incorrigible. Talk to us and we will direct on the best answers to your wants.

We endow our clients with comprehensive Detective services helping them solve all issues pertaining secrecy required by most organizations in such adverse environment.Our skillful team of private detectives and undercover agents work in extremely professional and confidential manner to get the results in a highly proficient comportment. Our range of private investigation services covers wide range of customers who need to maintain secrecy while their job is being done.

To keep afloat in the present times with fierce competition, we help our clients keep a crystal clear picture of their dealings that ultimately helps them perform well personally and professionally. All our methods of operations are devised keeping in mind clients’ requirement and other crucial factors. By respecting our clients confidentiality and keeping no stones unturned to maintain sanctity, we have achieved the highest level of expertise and have gained a large clientele both nationally and internationally.


Our Guarantee

  • Cosmopolitan Detective Services help you screen and verify the credential checks of individuals. Your personal life is also at stake, when you are on threshold of taking important decisions of life. Matrimony is vital in this area. Pre and post marriage investigation can save from serious problems.
  • Our investigative and detective agency is a secret friend for you and a well wisher who can bring the truth to you by our commitment professional and experienced network of investigators and detectives. Cosmopolitan Detective Services network operates 24/7.
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